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The idea of this book developed last year.
One December night we were sitting on a sofa
with a glass of wine in hand, recollecting – together with Wojtek Plewiński
– our mutual friends. Wojtek said that many of his colleagues
from the Krakow Faculty of Architecture abandoned the profession
of architecture and had made it in other fields.

It crossed my mind that I also knew several such unusual people.
Together we managed to list over a dozen of such names.
It occurred to us that we had to do something about it
– write it down somehow, make it public, find all those
we did not know about at that time.
Before the party was over, Wojtek came up with the title:


Consequently, the book under the same title was edited by Krystyna Łyczakowska and Marta A. Urbańska, and published by the SARP Krakow and the Faculty of Architecture, CUT.

Krystyna Łyczakowska

Copyright by Konrad Glos, Rafal Zub 2010