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I was born in Krakow on 7th June 1942. I graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at Krakow University of Technology in 1967 and was accepted into the ranks of the ZPAP – Polish Visual Artists Association in 1977.

The decision to give up the academic post at the Faculty of Architecture at the Technical University turned out to be the breakthrough of my professional career although I continued the work of an academic teacher at the State Higher School of Visual Arts in Łódź, lecturing in history of art.

Unfortunately, my long standing health problems made me resign from my post. A new stage in my life followed, the time of real test of making first steps in the independent profession of an architect, stage and crafts designer.

Surely it was my good luck that not only did I meet the most distinguished Polish opera stage designer Andrzej Majewski but also benefited from working as his assistant for almost 20 years .

Other theatre personalities to whom I owe the most were Kazimierz Dejmek and Wanda Laskowska who simply taught me all about the theatre during our collaboration in the years 1975–1995.

An interesting professional and artistic experience was my work on the rebuilding of the manor in Tomaszowice for which I designed the interiors of the manor house itself and the main interiors of the hotel, in the years 1996–2001.

Then for a few years I returned to a regular employment at the Wawel-Imos S.A designing the interiors of the hotels Grand and Piast in Kraków. For the last ten years I have worked for the Aladyn – Brass Works Manufacturers (liturgical articles and lighting).

The most private of my endeavours have been painting and drawing, the centre of my interest since “always”, and I have been particularly faithful to still lives, landscape and portrait.

The above examples of my activities constitute for a variety of experience gained through meeting and working with people from all walks of life. Although I have obtained professional maturity, I am still not ready for any recapitulation.

Well, I have lived through many a happy moment (especially in my work for the theatre) but sometimes I have felt disillusioned, especially when my design projects were not completed and changed on site, which was such a common practice.

I am, as my friends and professional colleagues say, too modest as far as my work is concerned but I have never felt a sense of a special artistic mission in the aura of creative pathos.

My ambition was to seek an honest and possibly the best way to meet the expectations of my clients and in this respect I feel fulfilled to a certain degree.

Marek Tomasik
Krakow, June 2010

sketch by Zbigniew Maciejewski

Copyright by Konrad Glos, Rafal Zub 2010