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He was born on 5th April 1945 in Krakow.
In 1964–71 he studied at the Faculty of Architecture at Krakow University of Technology. His intention was to graduate and become an architect but during his diploma internship in the year 1971 at the Miastoprojekt [state design office] he had a chance of getting an insight into the work of an architect. What he saw appalled him and completely changed his view on then beloved architecture, estranging him to the notion of becoming an architect. Although Witold Górka has had already chosen the subject of the diploma design and even its supervisor, professor Witold Korski, he decided to abandon the studies and take up photography, his great passion since the secondary school. The fascination became even deeper, owing to the photography classes during the studies at the University. After obtaining a certificate of completion of studies [but not a diploma] in 1972 he was employed at the Photography Studio at the Academy of Agriculture in Krakow. He worked there as a photographer until the year 1974. After that he took up a post at the Studio of Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts where he shared his knowledge with students teaching them the principles of photography. Simultaneusly, he perfected his skills in art and reportage photography.

In the years 1976–79 as a member of the “Grupa Robocza” he participated in several exhibitions.

Since 1978 he has been a member of the Association of the Polish Art Photographers (ZPAF), and has worked for a few years on its board and in the Qualifying Committee. His works were presented during group and solo exhibitions. They are on show in the Museum of Art in Łódź, the National Museum in Wrocław, the Royal Library in Copenhagen and in private collections.

Select group exhibitions:
2nd and 3rd exhibition of Grupa Robocza, ZPAF (the Association of Polish Art Photographers) Krakow, ZPAF Warsaw (1976); 4th exhibition of Grupa Robocza, ZPAF Krakow and the exhibitions: Fotografia Polska / Polish Photography, Milan and Zagreb (1977); Okręg Krakowski ZPAF, ZPAF Krakow (1979); Gdańsk Sierpień 80, ZPAF Krakow and Gdańsk 80, Muzeum Sztuki (Art Museum Łódż (1980); Gdańsk Sierpień 80, Gdańsk and Warszawa, Gallery Odnowa in Poznań and Wydarzenia / Events 56, 68, 70, 76, 80, ZPAF Krakow(1981); Krakowski Rynek / Krakow Market Square, ZPAF Krakow, ZPAF Warsaw (1982); Zwyczaje i obyczaje krakowskie/ Customs and Traditions of Krakow, ZPAF Krakow, ZPAF Warsaw; Fotografie, Foto-Video Gallery Krakow (1984); Okręg Krakowski ZPAF, ZPAF Krakow and Polska Współczesna Fotografia Artystyczna / Polish Contemporary Art Photography, Zachęta, Warsaw (1985); Fotografia, Zachęta, Warsaw and Erotyzm Satyra / Erotism of a Satyr, Gauss Fotografiskt Galery, Stockholm (1987).

Solo exhibitions:
Gęby / Gobs, Foto-Video Gallery, Krakow (1985); Gęby, Hybrydy Gallery, Warsaw (1987) and Fotografie, ZPAF, Krakow (1991).

photo by Marek Gardulski

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